Friday, July 23, 2010


Tanning Parties Gain Popularity

Austin, TX - Central Texas is known for its entrepreneurial spirit. Now one local woman is finding success with a new trend you may have heard of.

Tanning parties are getting popular around here. They're exactly what they sound like. People get together in someone's home to get a tan.

Forget Tupperware parties -- this is the new thing.

It's too hot to go outside. Too much sunshine isn't good for you anywy.

There's another option for people who want that glow, but don't want to deal with the harmful rays -- spray-on tans.

Blakeley Smart started "Bronzed Envy" in 2008. She goes to people's homes and gives them a tan.

Spray tanning is nothing new, but the mobile version is getting popular. Blakely says she's noticed a trend that's really catching on -- tanning parties.

"It's not a traditonal party you get invited to," Blakeley said.

She hasn't had to hold her breath. Business is glowing.

It's more than quadrupled since she started in 2008. She sells sunless tanning products across the country as well as training and equipment for people who want to start their own mobile tanning business.

it was a chance to work for herself, be home with her kids every day and set her own hours.

Her husband thought the idea was different!

"He thought it was crazy, but w've tripled business in six months," Blakeley said.

Now she's helping other women start their own businesses, and points out, it's relatively inexpensive.

For under $1,500 someone can start their own business.

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